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U.S. budget deficit falls to $95 billion in July

Reuters reports that the U.S. budget deficit was $95 billion at the end of July, down 3 percent from the same period last year, according to data released by the Treasury Department on Tuesday.

Analysts polled by Reuters had expected a $96 billion deficit for last month. The deficit was $98 billion in July of 2013.

The fiscal year-to-date deficit at the end of July was $460 billion, the lowest level since the same period in fiscal year 2008, compared with a deficit of $607 billion for the same period in fiscal year 2013, according to Treasury’s monthly budget statement.

Last month’s budget results were affected by differences in the calendar. If adjusted for timing-related transactions, the budget deficit in July would have been $86 billion.

Receipts last month totaled $211 billion, up 5 percent from the year-ago period, bringing the fiscal year-to-date total receipts to $2.47 trillion.

Outlays last month totaled $305 billion, up 3 percent from July 2013, for a fiscal year-to-date total of $2.93 trillion.

(Reporting by Elvina Nawaguna; Editing by Paul Simao)


Federal Budget Deficit for 2013/2014 Projected at $492 Billion

The Congressional Budget Office as of July 2014 predicts the federal budget deficit for its fiscal year beginning October 1, 2013 and ending September 30, 2014 will be $492 billion.  See The Long Term Budget outlook found at

We need to take action to bring down the deficit.  Otherwise, in the long term the federal budget will end up being solely on interest to the debt holders.  No Social Security, No Medicare, No Defense Department.

Kevin Staker


Federal Budget Deficit for Year Ending September 2013 Lowest Since 2008

The federal budget deficit dropped to $680.3 billion for the 12 months ending Sept. 30, 2013.  The deficit for 2012 was $1.089 trillion.  This was the smallest shortfall since 2008.  

The deficit hit a record $1.42 trillion in 2009. Payroll taxes were higher because Congress allowed the paryroll tax holiday to expire in January.  Spending growth has been reduced by “sequestration”, the across-the-board cuts lawmakers failed to prevent earlier in the year. 

Revenue increased to $2.77 trillion for the year.  Spending increased to a 12-month total of $3.45 trillion.

The results were issued in a joint press release with the OMB, which can be found at      T

By Kevin Staker


Changing Title of Blog of Kevin Staker to Federal Deficit Reduction

I believe the most important issue in politics by far is reducing the budget deficit of the federal government of the United States.  Hence, I am changing the name of this blog.

By Kevin Staker


Needs, Not Wants

The federal government needs to live within its means.  I speak as if talking in the third person.  However, to more properly put it we need to live within our means.  We need to not rely on the government so much.

Otherwise we are headed to become another Greece, and economic ruin.  We will discuss more the future.  But we need to have the United States spend out tax dollars on only what we truly need, not want.

A clue about future discussions:  The Defense Department is a need.  However, do we truly need it to do?

By Kevin Staker


"Switching This Blog to Politics" Kevin Staker

I will switch this blog to discuss my thoughts on politics.  I believe the only issue we should on is the U.S. government budget deficit.  All other issues will be irrelevant if we continue to spend more than we take it.  We face economic ruin and the breakdown of society.

The key is “live within our means.”  I will expand later on meeting our needs and stop spending on our wants.

Kevin Staker


Kevin Staker Posts Again

The MerchantCircle Blog of Kevin Staker is found at  Hopefuly Kevin Staker will post more often to this blog.  This is a fairly visible site.

The YouTube account of Kevin Staker is located at  This site should be more visible.  We shall see if the efforts to raise it will work regarding Kevin Staker.

The Xing profile of Kevin Staker can be found at This site does pretty well in how high it is viewed.

We shall see.

Kevin Staker


Kevin Staker Facts - More

What is the favorite business networking site of Kevin Staker?

The favorite business networking of Kevin Staker is linkedin.  The link is at is an interconnected network of experienced professionals from around the world, representing 150 industries and 200 countries. One can find, be introduced to, and collaborate with qualified professionals that one should work with to accomplish goals.

What is the main biography site of Kevin Staker?

The main bio website of Kevin Staker is at  The website has a number of interesting facts regarding Kevin Staker.  In fact, it is unusual in sharing some personal facts about Kevin Staker.  The photo in the website is of Kevin and his wife Mari at a village in Samburu in Northern Kenya. The website was created by Kevin Staker.  The site was created with Microsoft Frontpage and is hosted by Aerionet. 

Does any other professional networking site have important information on  Kevin Staker?

The Namyz site of Kevin Staker has a comprehensive list of the various types of sites on the Internet that pertain to Kevin Staker.  The length of the list is pretty impressive.  The site is at

Naymz is a powerful tool for any professional looking to advance their career to the next level. It allows professionals  to discover new information. “A good professional reputation is the key to effectively networking with other professionals."Networking is an important part of advancing a career. Namyz simplifies the process.

Where can I find videos related to Kevin Staker?

Kevin Staker has a channel on YouTube.  The web address is at  All of the videos on Kevin Staker relate to his family’s trip in 2006 to Kenya in East Africa.  The most popular video is one of a lion killing a wildebeest in the Masai Mara.  One of particular interest is a video of a rare crossing of some giraffes crossing a crocodile infested river.

Where is the most important profile of Kevin Staker?

The most important profile of Kevin Staker is located at Google Profiles.  The location is at  Google Profiles helps people find the right information when they search on Google, create a personal page
that links to their blog and other profiles.  The profile keeps family and friends up to date with contact info and photos.


Various Kevin Staker Postings

There is a profile of Kevin Staker on PRLog.  PRlog is a great place for press releases.    Kevin Staker has found it very helpful in promoting his law firm.  This profile seems to have much credibility.  Please note that the PressRoom of Kevin Staker on PRLog is located at  This is main place where Kevin Staker posts his press releases.

The Friendster profile of Kevin Staker is also helpful.  Kevin Staker has a number of profiles on the Intenet.  However, he does to keep this one current.  This is part of his search engine reputation management effort.  Which at times is somewhat successful. 

Kevin Staker also is on Twitter.  He does not “tweet” that often.  But on occasion Kevin Staker does.  Not always the most insightful.  However, it can give a view into his life.

A very interesting site is  It lists all the sites it can find regarding all the people named Kevin Staker in the world.  Very interesting to see that there is more than one Kevin Staker out there.  One wonders who some of these people are.  None seem to be as visible on the web as Kevin Staker the estate planning attorney in Camarilo, California. 

There is also a profile of Kevin Staker at  This profile also seems to have some credibility.  However, it is strange is does not easily link to the websites Kevin Staker has “dugg”.

The personal bio site of Kevin Staker is located at  This site has surprisingly detailed and revealing information about Kevin Staker.   He has had an interesting life.

On that same Kevin Staker bio site, there are a number of helpful links to other sites about Kevin Staker.  It is a bit hard to keep up because it requires Frontpage to update.  However, Kevin Staker does try to do so on an occasional basis.  It is one of several semi-official lists of Kevin Staker links.


Kevin Staker Photos on Facebook

Kevin Staker Photos on Facebook

Marisa Staker, daughter of Kevin Staker, has very nicely posted her favorite photos of Kevin Staker on Facebook.  These photos show Kevin Staker in various locales around the world, including the family’s trips to Kenya, Europe, Belize, Hawaii for Christmas, Holiday Park for Christmas, and Alaska.  The location is at

Kevin Staker


Reminder: Facebook Page of Kevin Staker

Reminder: Facebook Page of Kevin Staker

A reminder that the main social networking site Kevin Staker uses is Facebook.  The Facebook page of Kevin Staker is located at  So far Kevin Staker has 16 friends (he is a bit selective).  One of the most interesting friends of Kevin Staker is Joseph Kimojino, a ranger with the Mara Conservancy in the Masai Mara in Kenya.  Joseph helps protect the animals, from over intrusive tourists and especially from poachers.

Kevin Staker


California Estate Planning Blog of Kevin Staker

The California Estate Planning Blog of Kevin Staker is located at   Kevin Staker has the latest comments on estate planning regarding California residents.  Estate planning is in a great state of turmoil because of the uncertainty regarding the estate tax.  Kevin Staker comments on this turmoil in his latest post.

Kevin Staker


Caye Caulker

For the greatest diving, snorkeling, and fishing on Caye Caulker in Belize, I would recommend French Angel Expedition.  Ash and Heni are great tour operators on Caye Caulker.

French Angel Expedition is rated Number 1 among the tour operators on Caye Caulker by Tripadvisor.  The following is the link to all the other great reviews: click here.

Caye Caulker Fishing, Snorkeling and Diving

by Kevin Staker


Kevin Staker on Facebook

Kevin Staker is an estate planning attorney in Camarillo, California.  Kevin is a specialist in both Taxation and Estate Planning.

He now has a personalized web address at Facebook.  It is

by Kevin Staker


ZoomInfo of Kevin Staker

Kevin Staker notes that the offending posting if you Google “Kevin Staker” has been pushed down to the top of page three.  In pig latin the site is ipoffreport-ray dot com (we do not want to have a possibility of helping its page rank in any way).  The result immediately after it is  This is the profile of Kevin Staker.  Hopefully this and postings elsewhere will have its rank supersede the spurious result.

by Kevin Staker

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